Introduced to photography, at a very early age,  by his father John Keith Bignall, Andrew has refined his creative talents to his unique style of photography today.

Originally encouraged to try for the Royal College of Art in England as a fine arts student, at age 17 Andrew became disillusioned with his lack of apparent talent and joined the British merchant navy instead ! However talent has a way of rising to the surface. Andrew's creativety kept on resurfacing in his photography and lept onto the front stage with the arrival of digital cameras.

Andrew joined the North Shore Photographic Society (Auckland) in 2005,  encouraged by past president Reg Baker. In a few short years Andrew rose to "A" grade photographer through competition,  achieving "Highest Competition Points" for 2006, 2007. For a brief period Andrew achieved Master grade ( which the club abandoned)  with first and second prizes in print. 

in 2010 Andrew principally enjoys headshots photography which he believes is a dying art. Whether in the studio or on location, Andrew's headshots capture the inner person, blend it with the outer person,  and reveal true indentity.

Andrew is committed to continuous refinement of photographic technique and uniqueness of style.